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Our Certifications
Western Classical Music Grades

Western Classical Music Grades

Welcome to the Western Classical Music Grades section. At International Centre for Cultural Excellence (ICCE). Explore our range of certification streams and embark on a musical journey that blends tradition and innovation. Click on the links below to discover more about each certification stream:
Piano Lesson

Piano Grade Certifications

Master the art of Piano playing and delve into the world of classical compositions, technique, and interpretation.
Acoustic Guitar

Guitar Grade Certifications

Unleash your musical potential with our guitar certifications, where you can explore various styles, techniques, and repertoire.

Violin Grade Certifications

Immerse yourself in the enchanting sound of the violin and explore the rich classical repertoire, technique, and musical expression.

Cello Grade Certifications

Discover the soulful and resonant tones of the cello as you delve into classical repertoire, bowing techniques, and expressive playing.
Flute Player in Orchestra

Flute Grade Certifications

Experience the beauty and versatility of the flute as you journey through classical compositions, tone control, and expressive phrasing.
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Vocal Grade Certifications

Unlock the power of your voice and express yourself through singing, as you develop vocal technique, musicality, and interpretation across various genres.
High School Orchestra

Brass Grade Certification

Explore the bold and majestic world of brass instruments, including trumpet, trombone, and French horn, and develop your skills in classical repertoire and brass techniques.
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