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Standards & Regulations

Standards and Regulations

At International Centre for Cultural Excellence (ICCE), we are committed to maintaining the highest standards in music education and ensuring the integrity and credibility of our qualifications. Our adherence to rigorous standards and regulations is central to our mission of providing excellence in music learning.

Examination Assessment:

ICCE assessments are conducted to the same global standards. Our examiners, who are subject specialists, undergo regular training and standardization to ensure consistent assessment criteria and procedures are followed worldwide.

Quality Assurance:

Our dedicated academic and operational staff oversee the smooth running of exam sessions and maintain quality assurance of assessment processes, syllabuses, and specifications. We are monitored and reviewed by UK regulatory authorities, including Ofqual & CCEA, to maintain high standards and confidence in our qualifications.

Regulated Qualifications Framework:

All of ICCE's regulated qualifications comply with the requirements of the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). This framework, introduced by Ofqual, CCEA, and Qualifications Wales, ensures the recognition and comparability of qualifications across different educational systems.

Compliance and Audit:

ICCE undergoes regular activities, such as self-assessment, self-evaluation, submission of an Annual Statement of Compliance, and audits, to demonstrate compliance with the Conditions of Recognition set by regulatory authorities.

Maintaining Standards:

Our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in music education is in line with the principles outlined by regulatory authorities. We continuously strive to provide exceptional learning experiences and certifications for our students.
For further information or any queries regarding standards and regulation at ICCE, please email us at
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