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Partner With Us

Lets Build a Partnership That Last Long

International Centre For Cultural Excellence (ICCE) is inviting you to join us in our mission to revolutionize music education and inspire the next generation of performers. Through our partnership programs, we offer unique opportunities for regular Schools and Arts Institutions to collaborate with us and make a significant impact in the realm of Arts Education.

Explore our two distinctive partnership options:

School Partnership
As a school partner, you can expand your educational offerings and provide your students with a comprehensive range of Music & Dance courses and certifications. By joining forces with ICCE, you gain access to our world-class resources, expertise, and support, enabling you to nurture talent and enhance the educational experience for your students.
Arts School Affiliation
If you are an Arts School, seeking to offer globally recognized certifications to your students, our Music & Dance School Affiliation program is tailored to meet your needs. Affiliating with ICCE grants your institution the credibility and recognition of our esteemed certifications, empowering your students to showcase their skills and advance their musical journeys.
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