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About Us
Company Information

Company Information

Executive Leadership Team
  • Brian Turner(Chief Executive Officer)
  • Oliver Smith (Chief Operating Officer)
  • Vihaan Reddy (Chief Marketing Officer)
  • Aisha Sharma (Chief People & Culture Officer)
  • Isabella Green (Chief Finance Officer)
  • Sougata Banerjee (Head Of Global Operations)
Trustees (Council Members)
  • David Brown
  • Pooja Dubey
  • Diya Chowdhury
  • Mia Taylor
  • Ariyan Verma
  • Nen Yenh
  • Swapan Biswas
  • Aditi Gupta
  • Sanjiv Menon
  • Pritam Pal
  • Dennis Parker
  • Monojit Biswas
  • Nisha Gupta
  • Karan Chopra
  • David Hops
  • Kim Taylor
Trustees (Council Members)
  • Emma Darlene
  • Charles Hughson
Partner Organisations
ICCE works very closely with variety of different organisations from government bodies to educational associations. 
ICCE Press
ICCE has one of the biggest Sheet Music Publications.  

Registered Head Office:

Office 7069, 182-184 High Street North,

East Ham, London, 

United Kingdom, E6 2JA.

Telephone: +44 2034324390

  • Please Note: This address is not an exam centre

  • Visitors by appointment only

  • Please see the contact us page for further details.

Company Number: 14851681

Registered Office of USA:

5101 Santa Monica, Blvd ste 8,

Los Angeles, CA 90029

Telephone: 1 (213) 459-5255

  • Please Note: This address is not an exam centre

  • Visitors by appointment only

  • Please see the contact us page for further details.

Join The ICCE Team

At International Centre for Cultural Excellence (ICCE), we offer a range of exciting employment opportunities for individuals passionate about music and dedicated to making a positive impact in arts education. Join our dynamic and inclusive work environment that fosters growth, creativity, and professional development. We seek talented music instructors to shape the next generation of musicians. Administrative roles support our operations, while support staff contribute to a smooth learning experience. Explore our internship programs for practical experience and mentorship. Join ICCE, a passionate and talented community committed to excellence in music education. Check our current openings for the perfect fit.

Become a ICCE Education Partner

Join hands with International Centre for Cultural Excellence (ICCE) as an Education Partner and provide your students with world-class music education. As an ICCE Education Partner, your school will gain access to our renowned curriculum, expert instructors, and globally recognized certifications. Collaborate with us to offer your students a comprehensive music program that enhances their artistic abilities and fosters a lifelong love for music. Benefit from our revenue-sharing model and dedicated support from our team. Together, let's create a remarkable musical journey for your students and establish your school as a center for excellence in music education.

Join Our Music School Affiliation Program

Elevate your music school by becoming an ICCE Affiliate. Join our esteemed network of music schools and offer your students the opportunity to earn internationally recognized certifications. As an ICCE Affiliate, you'll gain access to our comprehensive curriculum, expert guidance, and valuable resources to enhance your students' musical education. Expand your school's credibility and empower your students with globally recognized certifications that validate their musical accomplishments. Join us in fostering excellence in music education and providing your students with an unparalleled learning experience.
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